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Ideas for Planning the Perfect Active Staycation

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There’s joy to be had in the smallest of movements, and that counts for holidays too! Staycations are becoming more and more popular, as they allow you to take a break (even if it’s close to home – or even at home!) without needing to travel abroad. And what’s better than finding some holiday fun that involves movement, staying active, and is good for you too?

What is a staycation holiday?

Holidays should be a time to unwind and relax from our day-to-day responsibilities of work or university, but the hassle of planning a holiday can be taxing all on its own. Before your trip can even begin, you have to complete a list of things to do, including booking travel or flights, figuring out your accommodation, and planning out a full itinerary – which can be particularly tough when there are little ones involved.

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What to do on your staycation

There are many creative ways to enjoy yourself and do some self-care during your staycation. Here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect staycation – including fun family staycation ideas that the whole household can enjoy.

Explore your hometown

Play tourist for a day and get out to see the newest exhibits at your favourite gallery or museum, or go sightseeing... to local attractions that you would usually only show off to visiting guests. Rediscover the best parts of your local area and get a renewed sense of the place you call home. And get some extra steps in on the way!

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Plan a spa day

If you’re wondering what to do on a staycation alone, look no further than a spa day. Trade in a spa trip for a more budget-friendly way to treat yourself while staying at home. Shop for a revitalising face mask, some mani-pedi supplies, and host a DIY spa day – just for you, or with a friend. Set the mood with candles and soothing music in the background and let all the stress melt away. Why not book a massage – relaxing your muscles can be a pain reliever!

Have a games night

Pull out your favourite board games for a night of fun that will entertain everyone, from kids to grandparents. Bring together friends or family for some friendly competition, and spend some quality time with the special people in your life. Charades is a great game to get the whole family jumping up and down!

Enjoy a date night
Who said staying at home couldn’t be romantic? Trade in an expensive dinner out on the town for an intimate meal with your special someone at home. Put on some music to get moving, and cook up a storm together in the kitchen, then set the table with some candles for a romantic dinner. Or, simply order in and cosy up on the sofa with a good film – it’s up to you.

Venture into the great outdoors
A staycation doesn’t have to mean just staying at home. Whether it’s a walk in a nearby park, a stroll along the beach, or going for a hike or a bike, some time off work is the perfect chance to enjoy some exercise. You could even take a step further to adventure and camp with the little ones! We all know that exercise is great for our physical health, but did you know it also has a positive impact on our mental wellbeing? Research shows that physical activity can boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reduce the risk of stress and depression. And there’s no better time to enjoy the perks that exercise can bring than during a leisurely staycation.

Challenge yourself to complete a week of exercise videos
If you are staying indoors for a holiday, set a challenge (step one; out of office on!) and find some exercise videos to follow along with to kick-start a routine with movement hard-baked in. You can start with the Voltarol exercises for back pain series!

No matter what you decide to do for your staycation, there are plenty of creative ways that you can take time away from the stress of work or university, and treat yourself and your family with a little downtime that won’t break the bank.

While you’re enjoying your relaxing staycation at home, don’t forget to keep your body moving between long periods of sitting down or lounging on the sofa!

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