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It's not just pain relief, it’s getting back to the things you love

Pain has a way of creeping up on you. At first, we don’t give it much thought, the occasional backache or neck inflammation being nothing unusual. But when body pain starts coming back more frequently, it can get in the way of life by stopping you from doing the things and seeing the people you love most. For muscle pain, try Voltarol gel.

Target pain with Voltarol 2.32% Gel

  • 2x concentration vs our 1.16% gel
  • Reduces pain, fights inflammation and so helps to speed up recovery
  • Up to 12 hours of pain relief helps you get back to what’s important when applied morning and evening

Understanding inflammatory back pain causes

Back pain can happen for many different reasons. It could be strains or sprains from lifting heavy boxes, or playing tennis. Or sudden, awkward movements turning that final screw when doing DIY. Another common culprit is bad posture. Working at our desks can often lead to many hours spent in awkward positions, putting strain on back muscles made for movement, which tire more easily than our core. Even bending down to cycle can put strain on your lower back. But to avoid your body forcing you onto the sidelines, it’s important to listen to your body and take action.

These are some common causes, but of course there are lots of reasons why you may have back pain, including conditions like osteoarthritis. Find out about other types of back pain causes and symptoms.

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When you suffer from pain that is triggered by certain movements and don’t do anything to strengthen the muscles that support that particular motion, it’s possible that repetition can trigger your back pain to come back.

The good news is that pain relief, when used correctly, can be highly effective in helping to treat body pain. By better understanding pain and why it happens, you can choose the right pain relief product to help manage your pain.

Understanding the science behind inflammatory back pain

In order to understand how pain relief works, it’s important to understand what happens to your body when you’re in pain.

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When body tissue is injured or strained, enzymes called Cox-2 are activated. These enzymes ignite a chain reaction which then cause the pain and inflammation you experience. Voltarol pain relief products include a key ingredient called diclofenac, a potent non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Diclofenac blocks these enzymes and the chain reaction from happening, therefore reducing the pain and inflammation and so helps speed up natural healing.

It’s tempting to hope that body pain will go away by itself, but it’s important to treat back pain properly when you experience it, and help to strengthen the muscles around the affected area.

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According to the Voltarol Global Pain Index, over half of people who don’t treat their pain will subsequently experience pain at least once a month.

Staying active helps reduce back pain and strengthen your muscles

When dealing with pain it’s important to take a holistic approach, which is why it’s also recommended to try gentle back exercises and stretches to aid recovery.

Although it can be difficult to stay motivated when experiencing pain, keeping active can make you more likely to recover quicker. And don’t worry, staying active doesn’t have to mean strenuous activities. On the contrary, light, low-impact exercise, such as stretching or walking work best as they help reduce stiffness by keeping ligaments and tendons flexible, without risking further injury. Light exercise can also improve mobility and keep muscles strong, which can help reduce the risk of recurring pain.

Man standing on his hand and one leg
Woman lying on the floor stretching
Man lying on his stomach with arms spread

Here are just some of the benefits of staying active:

  • Strengthens back and core muscles
  • Improves stability and mobility
  • Reduces stiffness and increases circulation
  • Releases endorphins and elevates mood

Find more exercises for back pain.

How Voltarol Pain Relief Gel helps accelerate your recovery by relieving pain

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Developed by experts in pain management, Voltarol pain relief gels are formulated to be effective in helping you regain movement, due to dual benefits: a potent ingredient, and deep penetration.


Voltarol Pain Relief gels use a powerful active ingredient, diclofenac, which works by blocking the enzymes that produce pain and inflammation, helping to speed up the body’s natural healing process. Its potency means that it can relieve pain and inflammation at a lower concentration than other active ingredients.


Voltarol Pain Relief Gels are formulated using micro-emulsions, which allow deep penetration to the painful area, enabling the active ingredient to do its job effectively. In short, the potent active ingredient, diclofenac, is able to penetrate deep into the joint.

Choosing the pain relief product for you

Let’s help get you moving freely again. Try our range of medicated Voltarol gels, medicated plasters and heat patches, for effective relief that targets body pain at its source. Find out which is suitable fit for you.

Explore Voltarol products for pain relief

Voltarol 2.32% Diclofenac Pain Relief Gel

Voltarol 2.32% Gel is clinically proven to reduce the pain experienced when you move, helping you to feel like yourself again so you can enjoy your favourite activities once more.

  • 2x stronger than our 1.16% gel
  • Reduces pain, fights inflammation and so speeds up recovery

Up to 12 hours of pain relief means you can get back to what’s important

Voltarol 2.32% Diclofenac Gel for joint and back pain relief product for Pharmacy

Target pain with Voltarol 2.32% Gel

It’s important to choose the right product format for your needs and pain type. Other pain relief solutions in Voltarol product range may suit you better, depending on where body pain is experienced and what type of product you prefer, for example: topical gel or medicated plaster. The core to all of Voltarol medicated products is the active ingredient diclofenac, which works to fight inflammation at the point of pain.

A man with lower back pain - learn about Voltarol Medicated Plasters

Medicated Plaster

Do you have recurring muscle pain? Try Voltarol medicated plasters:

  • Targeting pain directly at the core
  • Up to two times more powerful pain relief*

…so that you can get back to doing what you love.

Treatment by pain type

Learn all about the causes, symptoms, and pain treatments for the type of pain you’re experiencing so you can get back to doing those little things that bring you joy.