Music makes you move

We all struggle to find the right motivation to get moving. Music is scientifically proven to give the body a motivational boost⁴. So when it’s time to get moving, listening to some irresistibly danceable music can serve as really great inspiration and encouragement. Regularly doing a little dance or walking for 2 minutes can help keep your body moving and grooving. So let the musical motivation push you on.

Blame it on
the boogie:

Music is proven to…
… Make you run faster¹
… Make you more active at home²
… Increase your movements by 22%²
… Increase your brain activity²

Disco fever confirmed

120 BPM (Beats per minute) is around the same speed your heart beats when you’re moving. When you hear a song played to this BPM your body can’t help but get moving to match the beat¹. Disco music plays around this speed, so when you hear it, disco fever takes hold. Even encouraging lyrics like “You can do it” have been proven to help you get motivated to “Move it, Move it”³.

Movement music

Here’s an electrifying playlist to get you going and keep you in the groove. They’re packed with audio energy. So move to the music, groove while you’re gardening, dance while you dust or just go strut to the sounds.

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