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We've all heard the many reasons we should be exercising: to lose weight, stay healthy and improve our fitness etc.

We want to help everyone experience the joy of movement and get you #BackOnTrack. Once you discover the joy of movement, you won't want to stop.

Find out how Voltarol can help you get #BackOnTrack and stay motivated.

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Ever wondered what prevents you from exercising?

We wondered too, which is why we recently carried out some research into the reasons why people struggle to keep moving, you can see the results below.
We want to help you discover the joy of movement again, follow the journeys below to see how people are getting #BackonTrack with the help of Voltarol.

why people
struggle to
stay active

1 Tired & unmotivated - 55%

2 Lifestyle change - 48%

3 Prefer to stay in or socialise - 28%

4 Injury conscious- 23%

5 Cost conscious - 21%

Source: You Gov/AOL Study, Base: 509 35-55 year olds who say they do less exercise now than in their twenties.
Q: And why do you think you do less exercise/sport now than you did in your twenties?
 Please select all that apply.**

What’s stopping you from being more active?

I prefer to socialise

Catherine image

Catherine is a 34-year-old mum from Milton Keynes, trying to get #BackonTrack to an active lifestyle after pregnancy.

Catherine image

My kids take priority

Dan image

Dan is a designer/Illustrator from Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, aged 34. Dan has two children: Albie - 2, Arthur - 6 months old and his favourite sport is Kayaking.

Catherine image

I’ve had an injury

I’m too busy!

I’m not fit enough

Where Can you Find
Exercise Buddies
By Mary Common

It is likely that if you exercise with a friend you’re more likely to train for longer and less likely to find an excuse to miss a session. So what makes the ideal fitness friend?

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