Looking to get fit this summer?

What is
Back on Track?

We’ve all heard the many reasons we should be exercising: to lose weight, stay healthy, improve our fitness etc. We want to help everyone experience the joy of movement and get you #BackOnTrack. Once you discover the joy of movement, you won’t want to stop. Find out how #BackOnTrack can help you and how you can get involved.

Keep moving every day

Struggle to fit exercise into your working day?

We all know that sometimes work can take over our lives. When we prioritize spending time at work, exercise is the area that can fall short. But this doesn’t need to be the case!

How to help recovery following injuries

You really want to exercise but your injury is playing up? We know there is nothing worse than being held back by your injuries and it becomes difficult to stay motivated and focused.

Finding the right exercise routine for you

It’s no secret that exercising has many benefits, but it is often difficult to get started. Every beginning is hard and establishing an exercising routine can be difficult. But don’t let that stop you!

Top 5 reasons why people struggle to stay active*

1. Tired and unmotivated – 55%

2. Lifestyle change – 48%

3. Prefer to stay in or socialise – 28%

4. Injury conscious – 23%

5. Cost conscious – 21%

*Source: You Gov/AOL Study, Base: 509 35-55 years old who say they do less exercise now than in their twenties. Q: And why do you think you do less exercise/sport now than you did in your twenties?

What's stopping you from being more active?

I prefer to socialize

Catherine is a 34-year-old mum from Milton Keynes, trying to get #BackOnTrack to an active lifestyle after pregnancy.

My kids take priority

Dan is a designer/illustrator from Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, aged 34. Dan has two children: Albie – 2, Arthur – 6 months old and his favourite sport is kayaking.

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*GSK Global Pain Index Research 2014, report, p.40

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